Hello, all!

I am super excited to be writing my first public blog and I really hope everyone enjoys it and finds it interesting/helpful/fun.

Right now you might be wondering what this blog is all about, so I'll take this chance to tell you.

I am a writer. That's why I made this blog. This is my platform. My place to practice consistency. My place where I can get feedback. This blog is going to help me.

But I don't want you to think of this blog as a chore to be reading. I don't want you to think, "Uh! I'm only here so I can do all these things and help this person I [probably] haven't met." MY purpose of this blog is to get those things. YOUR purpose of this blog is to just enjoy it! Enjoy reading my writing. Enjoy following me on my writing journey. Enjoy getting sneak peeks and seeing things about my characters, my side projects, and anything else I may have to share. Enjoy this blog. Enjoy the posts on the side where I might do something a little off topic. Enjoy it when I might write encouraging posts or book reviews! Who knows what sort of interesting/fun things you might find here?

So, I'm sure you've already gathered the general idea of what I'm going to be posting here and I hope you find reading my writing, giving feedback and following along on my writing journey pleasant and enjoyable!