Henry's story [A working title] Part 2!

From the comments I got last week, you seemed to enjoy Henry's story so this week- guess what! Oh... you saw the title.... oh, yea. Ok.

So now that you know what this post is about let's get right into it. Please let me know if you enjoy this and if you havent read any of his story or want to find out more about it then you can find part one here

Henry's Story [A working title] Part 2

Slash over slash appeared on his back and Henry’s voice became hoarse from the cries of pain. Very soon all the pain was becoming too much for him and he could almost not cry out anymore.

Suddenly a girl with big brown eyes and golden hair held up in a bun with tight curls at the front started running up. Based on how she looked she must have been about sixteen. Her face was gentle yet strong and this made her look all the more beautiful.

She ran up to Henry and stood between him and the master.

“Father, stop!” she cried, “You’re beating the life out of this man!”

At seventeen years old Henry was honoured to be called a man and had an instant respect for this girl.
Her father looked at his daughter with kind eyes and Henry was surprised that such a cruel man could love anyone like he did his daughter.

“Killing a man acheivs nothing!” the girl said.

“It shows an example to all the other slaves to never defy me! Please move out of the way, Eloise!”

“No! It just makes them fear you! Father, if you love me you will not kill this man. He was only trying to help his sister and now you have ripped them away from each other. Your cruelty towards them is jut inhuman! Please, father! Don’t kill him!”

The master looked into her sad and pleading eyes and his heart was overwhelmed with the love for his precious daughter.

“Alright. But he must be punished in some way.” He said as he looked spitefuly at Henry, who had his head lowered and was silent. “I suppose my only option by way of punishing him and not harming him is prison. He will be brought there in the morning.”

With that he walked haughtily away along with the rest of the crowd that had gathered to watch.
Eventually everyone had walked away except for Eloise and Henry.

She turned around and worked on taking the shackles.

Henry sat there quietly and wondered if he dare talk and thank her. He opened his mouth to do so but lost courage.

“It’s ok. You’re allowed to talk to me. Nobody’s here to punish you.” She said with a gently smile. That smile warmed his heart and made him reconsider the cruelty of the whites.

“Y’know yoour not like all the whides. Your kind. Your different. Thank yo, by the way. For saving my life”

She blushed and smiled again. “It was nothing really. I tried the best I could but you still have to bear an awful punishment. Going to jail is terrible!”

“No! If it hadn’t been for you I would probably be dead by now! You’ve saved my life. The only thing that saddens me about the turn of events is that my sister thinks… she thinks I’m dead. And… I’ll…” Henry chocked, “I’ll never see her again.”

Eloise’s eyes welled up at the thought, “I wish there was something I could… do” She said that last ‘do’ with much thought and her mind seemed to wander off.

She then transported back and helped Henry to his feet only to find he was too weak and couldn’t walk.

Herny tried to hide his pain but his fsce showed clearly that he was in agony.

“You need to try to walk”, she said, “Your back looks awful! We need to get it cleaned.”

Henry was once again struck by her kindness and with her help he slowly managed to stand. With his arm around her shoulder an much grunting and pain he managed to walk to one of the slave cabins.

Inside was an old lady who was looking after some children while their parents worked in the cotton fields.

“I’m sorry to disturb you but could you please get me some clean water and a rag? This man is in urgent need of his wounds being treated.”

“Certainly, missus!” she said while looking, horrified, at what had been done to him.

One of the little children (he must have been almost three years old) came up to Henry and hugged him.

“Hello, Jim!” Henry said, with an almost sad look on his face. Jim looked confused and gasped. In his childlike manner he pointed to Henry’s back and asked, “Sowe?”

The lady walked back in with a bowl of water and a rag. She immediately got to work with Henry’s wounds.
“Yes, Jim” Henry, smiled, “But I’m ok.” He paused and then spoke to him again, “Look, do you see the eagle out there?”
“Yes, Henry!”

Jim, one day we’ll be like that eagle. Free. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Eloise knew that Jim wouldn’t understand the meaning behind the words that he spoke and wondered why he did but she then looked at the old lady, who had tears in her eyes. Eloise sudenly understood that the words were for her.They were to give hope to this woman who had been a slave all her life and could trust that the future of the younger generation had freedom just ahead of them. She smiled and got to work helping clean the wounds


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