Our Christmas Traditions

Guys, guess what!

No, go on, guess!


(I feel I should get an award for cheesy opening statements for my blog)

So, before I continue I'd like to apologise for not posting last week! I've had various distractions and I had planned on writing one but I never got around to it! 🙈

This week is going to be a little bit of an off-topic post (It was gonna happen eventually) about Christmas ('coz what else would I write about this time of year? Easter?).

Today I'm sharing our family's Christmas traditions with you guys!

One of the first traditions is one that lasts all through December.

We have an advent book that we go through every year (a different one in the series per year). It's set in Bible times from the POV of different children and it all leads up to the birth of Christ. This year we are reading one called Bartholomew's Passage which is about a boy who is captured by the Romans and is separated from his family. In an effort to find them he ends up on adventures and it all leads to the birth of |Christ. There are other ones and the main characters of each story somehow cross paths. It's always fun to see familiar characters come back in each story and our family all really enjoy it.

We read this every day (as well as we can. Sometimes we have to read a few in one day because we've skipped some due to business or this year my mum's pregnancy and not feeling well) and we all have a chocolate.

Another tradition is that we go out on Christmas eve (Or the eve of Christmas Eve this year AKA, today!) to go see the Christmas lights then we get Dominoes pizza and have hot chocolate. It's always a fun thing to do except for the dreaded going to get the dominoes and having nine children left in the minibus! 😆 (It's ok, really, I guess. This year I was sitting next to my older brother, who happened to be in a very hyperactive mood)

Another thing we do is we have gifts at the table instead of useless cracker gifts and corny jokes. Everybody gets a nice little present with party poppers (boy, is it fun trying to get those things to hang on the lights!). It's something we've done for a while now and it's a lot nicer than crackers!

We also put lights up on our house. We are nowhere near as crazy as some people, though. We just have some on the roof and matching ones above our door and ground floor windows. (Although, I would hardly call putting lights up a tradition because the ones on the roof may or may not have been there since last year...........)

We often have all the Cordle family around on Boxing Day, where we all open up our main presents (Us children have one big present that was contributed to by family members), while our stockings have already been opened on Christmas Day itself.

My mum's side we don't often get together with because a good deal of them live in Northern Ireland (We live in England) and it's difficult to be able to have them all around. Happily, we're going to be able to have a day with hem this year because they're coming around for my mum's birthday party! Yay!

So, those are some of our traditions. What are your Christmas traditions if you have any?

I'm sorry for such a short post. Next week's post is a special, so remember to look out for it!

As an update with my Christmas story-
I had to start over because of some technical difficulties meaning it didn't get saved. Actually, I'm glad that happened because it's turning out much better than before. I've actually not finished the first draft, due to various distractions and Christmas and everything. I hope that tomorrow I can get it finished off and be able to share it with you next week alongside the special post.

So, what are your Christmas traditions? Even if you don't have anything you might call a tradition, what sort of things do you enjoy most about the Christmas season?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and have a joyful time while remembering the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Happy Christmas!