When Words Fly

Hello, my wonderful readers!

Before we start, I'd like to tell y'all something! (Well, two things really)

There's a new page on the blog! It's a dictionary of writers language so that any of you non- writers, younger audience, and just about anybody who might not know what some of the abbreviations and other writing-related words I use mean then you can go there to find out the meanings in an easy to find, dictionary form.

BTP has an Instagram account!!! On there I'm going to be sharing blog updates, letting you know about new posts and posting things that don't quite make it onto the blog! You can find it @behindthepenblog Be sure to go follow it!

Let's get back to the post now, shall we?

Now, just to warn you, this week I'm very tired while writing this fo please forgive me if that tiredness somehow words its way into my style of writing (I have no idea if it will but I guess we'll see)

Now, as many of you know, I'm part of the YWW and when this blog launched I had them helping me out with my blog promotion and I had an amazing launch team (If any of you are reading this right now I want you to know that you guys are awesome!!!).

I now have the chance to repay the favour! One of my fellow Y-dubbers, Abby Franklin, has just started up a blog! *confetti cannon* YAY! To repay the favour Y-dubs gave to me, I am lending her a hand with her launch! Now, if you're thinking "Oh, well this isn't what I wanted this week. I was hoping for some of Bethany's writing" then, let me tell you right now that this REALLY going to help Abby! I know from experience that having people read, follow, comment on and enjoy your blog is something wonderful and appreciated beyond what you may think.

Besides all of that her blog is awesome!

So, what is her blog all about? What sort of posts will you b able to find there? I'm going to answer this with a direct quote from her.

"When you first begin blogging, everyone tells you to find your 'niche', which is the topic and theme that you are going to be writing about on your blog. I, uh... I made up my own, called writing lifestyle. 
 The content in my posts will be a mix of everything related to the writing life, from serious topics like writing helps and balancing writing with busy lives to fun stuff, like fangirling and discussions  "
So, who is Abby?

She is a girl chasing after God, a musician, an actress, a budding writer & storyteller, and overall, just a big ball of energy and weirdness (her words, not mine. To be honest there are a lot of weird and wonderful people in this world! I may be more the weird than the wonderful, but that's not for me to decide. Anyway, back to the original topic!)

Her mission:

Ever since the beginning, her mission had been one to inspire others. Whether it's to write, draw, organise- anything- she loves to see people inspired by something small and seemingly unimportant and succeed nevertheless.

When Words Fly was made not only to inspire, but to ignite a passion for creativity in someone's heart, no matter their age, personality, or ability.

My words already fly. Now it's time for yours to do the same. "

Please go check out her blog!

You can find it at https://whenwordsfly.com/

Her blog is absolutely beautiful and is generally fun. I'm sure she would really appreciate it if you followed it!

Make sure to come back next week! Thanks, guys!


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