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Freedom Found- Part one

Hello, everyone! I like to write historical fiction, so, for today's post, I'm going to be showing you the first part of a short story I wrote for a competition. It is set in America in the 1840's, which was the time of slavery,  and my main character is a slave who is seeking freedom. I've received some positive feedback on this story and I hope you enjoy it! Freedom Found - Part One By Bethany G. Cordle Lucy’s breath was heavy and her heart was pounding like a drum as she ran through the woods.  Alongside her was her older brother, Henry, and three more people from her plantation.  Or at least, her old plantation.  They had been planning this escape for a month now and it was finally happening!  Lucy was on her way to Ohio and freedom!             Henry, who was running in front of her, suddenly stopped. Lucy bumped hard into him, and as she was about to apologise he motioned for everyone to be quiet.  Soon, the frightened group heard the noise t


Hello, all! I am super excited to be writing my first public blog and I really hope everyone enjoys it and finds it interesting/helpful/fun. Right now you might be wondering what this blog is all about, so I'll take this chance to tell you. I am a writer. That's why I made this blog. This is my platform. My place to practice consistency. My place where I can get feedback. This blog is going to help me. But I don't want you to think of this blog as a chore to be reading. I don't want you to think, "Uh! I'm only here so I can do all these things and help this person I [probably] haven't met." MY purpose of this blog is to get those things. YOUR purpose of this blog is to just enjoy it! Enjoy reading my writing. Enjoy following me on my writing journey. Enjoy getting sneak peeks and seeing things about my characters, my side projects, and anything else I may have to share. Enjoy this blog. Enjoy the posts on the side where I might do something a