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Things Are A-changin'...

Hello, my loyal friends who have stuck with me over the past year+ of me barely writing anything at all! *hides face* Here's the thing- my blog so far has been all about "behind the scenes" of my writing because there is a life behind every pen. However, there's only so much I can share about my writing without giving things away, risking my content being stolen, and so on. Whenever I would come on here to write a post I would find myself almost stressed with writing posts because I just didn't know what to share. SO... This made me realise that I need to make some changes around here. With the way I'm doing things right now, I'm unable to share so many of the things I wish I could, but I feel somewhat restricted. I want to be able to write posts on any topic that comes to me and I want to share with the world so they can be partake in the joy, use, encouragement, etc. that I get from that topic. Now don't worry- this is still Beh