BTP Photo Challenge- Day Ten!!!

Welcome to day ten of the BTP Photo prompts!

Today we're going to be sharing a post by someone other than yourself.

Is there a post that you enjoyed? One that made you think? One that inspired you? One that made you laugh?

Today you share a post that was written by someone other than yourself and I encourage you to share the link to their blog.

Here's how you can do a photo for today-

  • A Lot of blog posts/articles have a phot already accompnying them, so you can share that.
  • Some, however, don't, so you can find a phot that you think represents it and post that with a quick description of why you like the post. (A couple of websites with links to free pictures will be found at the end of the post!

I know I say this every post but if this doesn't work for you then just let me know in the comments and I can try to help you figure out a new and interesting way to do today's prompt!

Go follow my blog's instagram account to find my photo for today!

Don't forget to use the hastag, #BTPPhotoChallenge 

If you have so idea what's going on then go to the first post explaining the challenge!

See you tomorrow!


P.S If you haven't saved and printed off the prompts calender then you can now! Here ya go!


Here are those links!

Free photos: