As some of you may or may not know I am part of an online writing community called the Young Writers Workshop (YWW or Y-dubs for short) and today I'm going to share this wonderful place with you.

The way I'm going to do this is as some questions and answer them- so let's get started!

Who created the Young Writers Workshop?

The YWW was set up by Brett Harris (co-author of the book Do Hard Things) and Jaquelle Crowe (author of This Changes Everything) Links to their books will be found at the end of the post. 

So, who is the YWW for? 

  • Any young writer aged 10-25 (But that's a rough guideline) 
  • Anybody who is on a writing journey pursuing publication
  • Anyone who is just starting their writing journey pursuing publication
  • Anybody who wants to start a writing journey pursuing publication
  • Anyone who writes just for a hobby
  • Anybody who is currently writing and has already been published
  • Just about any sort of young writer. 

But how does YWW work?

There are two sites. One is the actual YWW and the other is the YWW community (or YWWC).

The actual website is where there are collections of video and audio lessons on all sorts of writing genres from fiction to blogging to nonfiction. This site includes masterclass interviews with published authors, a publishing school, writing critiques plus the main writers boot camp (which has most of the main lessons under topics like motivation, mentorship, platform, family support, learning and more) 

The YWWC is a website on the side and it's where all the Y-dubbers (That's what we call YWW members) can hang out, give each other accountability, share our writing, give writing critiques, ask questions do word sprints etc. and just have fun! 

The YWW is for any sort of writer. If you do writing seriously for a job you will benefit from it. If you do it as a hobby you will benefit from it. If you do poetry, dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi, nonfiction, blogging or any other sort of writing you will benefit from it. 

I love the YWW so much. They were there to encourage me when I was in the saddest of times (from a writing point of view) I can be really crazy around them and they won't care because, we all, as writers, are crazy and they understand that. You can have fun with them. You can be sure of helpful advice from them. The lessons are super helpful. Brett and Jaquelle and Marita (Also a published author) are awesome teachers.

I love the YWW.

If you want to join the waiting list for signing up (enrollment opens next January.) then go to their website here

Enrollment usually costs 20 or 30 dollars a month but if you can't afford that Brett and Jaquelle will happily figure out a more realistic price depending on your current financial position.

The YWW is such a big part of my life and I highly recommend signing up if you're a young writer!


  1. *sobs* I WANNA DO IT SO BAD BECAUSE ONE OF MY WRITING MENTORS, K.M. WEILAND, IS JOINING YWW. But I don't know if I can pay for it. But maybe I can. >:) IT SOUNDS SO AWESOME.


    1. I would really recommend it. Having a community of writers to help you out is extremely valuable by itself, never mind all the amazing lessons. I don't know what my life would be like if it was taken away from me! It's really worth it!


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