What's Been Going On In My Life

Hey, guys!

I'm back! (But you already knew that since you're here reading this right now and you had to click on the post to read it)

I'm really sorry It's taken me so long to get back to writing on my blog but the good news is, I have plans for some series coming up in the future (Now I just need to make those plans come to life!)

So, what's been going on since my last post?

Well, for one thing, I reached over 20,000 words in my current WIP!

At 23,800 words+ my novella is slowly reaching its end (I still have a fair bit to go, though!). I'm SO happy I got this far and, for a novella that started out just as a short story, it's continually shocked me to see how much I've written! I couldn't have done it without God's amazing love and help, along with the amazing assistance of the YWW (And my awesome Alpha readers... and my family support. So, a few things actually!)!!!

Speaking of the YWW...

(Points to me for the amazing transition... not)

As a few of you may know, in this past month was the first anniversary of the Young Writers Workshop.

In around October last year, us Y-dubbers all got together on one MASSIVE  group chat with hundreds of us students to get together and write a book to our instructors with hundreds of letters of thanks to them for all that they've done for us. Needless to say, this wasn't easy to pull off. It was a top-secret mission that only us students and very few others knew about. Our instructors hadn't got a clue that for so long we were planning out this amazing book.

One Y-dubber (who had started it all up and was organising the whole thing) sorted through a wave of emails full of letters to our instructors, organised getting the interior designed by a friend, and basically just organised everything else (and, she did a fantastic job with it!)

Our amazing technician organised the group chat, adding hundreds of students and starting up a new one after that, as well as giving some super helpful advice on the technical side of, well, everything really!

After months of organising, writing, editing, printing, sending, postage problems, and suspenseful waiting our instructors finally received their presents. They were asked to film their reactions and OH WHAT REACTIONS! I barely started to watch it and I began to cry! After all we'd done they finally received their book! They were all overjoyed and seeing their reactions made me so happy! No matter how many times I watch the video it still makes me have this silly grin on my face!

So, in summary, I got published! (even if it is only for the use of us Y-dubbers and our instructors)

It's so amazing to see how the YWW has blessed so many people (including me!)  and how it continues to bless us.

Another amazing thing is that the money from the books is going towards Ana Harris (you can find more out about her here)! I would really recommend checking out her website and donating money towards her medication (you can find out more and donate here!)

I'm so happy we were able to show our appreciation for our instructors in this amazing way and there is always more I can thank them for because they are constantly helping me to grow as a writer. I wish I could have said more and I can't fully express my thanks towards them!

So, there you go. A (brief) summary of what's been going on this past month!

I plan to get into the regular rhythm of blogging again and I look forward to being able to reveal more about my series plans!

Your sister in Christ,



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