A Milestone and 2018 Plans

So, yea. I didn't post on Saturday.


Sorry about that, guys!

But there's news. Big news. Amazing news. Fantastic news. Brilliant news. (My apologies for the excessive adjectives and repetition)

You may or may not know that my current WIP has been the longest project I've ever worked on and today I crossed over a massive milestone with it.

I crossed the line of short story and novelette! My story is actually, really, finally, a novelette (There you go, have some more excessive adjectives!)

This may not seem a that amazing, but trust me, it is!

I have written 7,768 words.

When this is all finished there will be some words replaced, taken away, added, fixed, edited, and changed, but what matters right now is that I have actually written seven thousand, seven hundred, and sixty-eight words(Wow, it seems even longer when typed out in word form!). It's no longer a small project. It's big and it's getting even bigger. I'm learning so much and I've grown to love this time in history. I love my characters and I love creating new ones. Figuring out how it will all work out, thinking up plot twists, making sure it's historically accurate- these are all things that have made up what Henry's Story is now.

But the biggest thing that has helped me is the YWW. They have supported me, taught me, helped me and given me feedback, advice and have always been there to help me. Brett, Jaquelle and Marita are amazing. The students are amazing. Y-dubs is amazing. (I should really stop with the repetition...)

(In case you're wondering, the YWW is opening up for new members from January 26- February 1! For more information head over to my YWW page!)

Now, in other news...

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that we're already a week into 2018!

Now, new years resolutions are a tricky subject because very often we can make them and only care about them for the first couple of weeks. We then forget them and continue life like we were before.

I have a few plans for this year but not many. The few I have made I'd like to share with you today.

1- A reading challenge

It may be surprising to hear this but I'm not really a bookworm. I really don't really read as much as mch as I should as a "normal" person- never mind as a writer!

This year I'm taking part in Tim Challies' reading challenge. Which is where you find book from multiple different categories and see how many you can read in a year. 

To start off, this year I'm reading Do Hard Things (By Alex and Brett Harris), Little women (By Loisa May Alcott), and Redefining Beautiful (By Jenna and Max Lucado)

I hope to make it past "Light reader" and if I made it past "Avid" that would be amazing! What do you plan on reding this year? Are you taking part in this challenge? If not I would really recommend it, even if you don't like reading!

2- Finish my story

I plan to finish at least the first draft of my story this year and get started on the editing! It's already going so well and, with a lot of hard work, It's definately possible to have it done by the end of the year!

3- Find a good Bible study guide abd stick by it

I'd really like to find a good guide that has a particular topic (So I know what I'm looking for in my reading), is helpful and is easy to understand. If you have anything you think would help then please let me know! 

I would like very dearly to strengthen my friendship and love for Christ, so this year I would really like to find a good and sound reading plan that I can count on to spiritually help me.

There are a few practical things as well, such as sorting out the Ikea cubicles at the end of my bed and tidying my wardrobe. 

I had, at one point, turned m wardrobe into a War Room (Y'kow, from the movie "War Room"?) Which is a place where I study my Bible, pray, and it's just a quiet place wher I can put up reminders for prayer, Bible verses etc. The only problem is the fact that there isn't a light in there and my name in fairy light style along with a light up sign don't seem to give it it's proper light, so having one put in there would be fantastic. 

2017 had it's ups and downs and I know that 2018 will as well. But despite that, I know that God will guide me all the way through it and will provide for me, care for me and bless me. 

I have plans for 2018, but, really, only God knows what will actually come to pass. My plans might not be God's plans so, for you and me as well, let's add "If God be willing"

This year I will finish my story- If God be willing

This year I'll read 26 books- If God be willing.

This year I'll visit friends, go on holidays, do this that and the other- If God be willing. 

For all I know God could come tonight, tomorrow, this year, next year or a thousand years to come. I don't know what God's plans are so let's say "If God be willing"

Thank you for being a supporter of my blog in 2017 and, if you're new, I hope you and the rest of my supporters have a blessed 2018!

In Christ,


P.S Have you seen the new page on my blog "Writers' Language Dictionary"? I created it so that anybody who didn't understnd any writing terms would be able to find them and understand them with ease!


  1. Oh, that's great, Beth! Happy New Year to you, too!

    1. Thanks, Chloe! I hope you have a fantastic year!


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