My Dream Come True- YWW

Around this time last year, I had decided I wanted to become a writer.

Actually, it was my mum who first suggested I could pursue writing as a career. Up until then, it was just a dream and something I had only tried once or twice but enjoyed.

One day I mentioned to my mum that I liked writing. Well, she was extremely supportive and suggested I pursued it as a career. I was hesitant at first. This was a big decision for me. This would possibly determine my whole future.

I decided that it was a good idea but there was one problem. I had no idea how to become a writer. I had various ideas for stories and I'd started a few (very rubbish and unfinished) projects in the past but that was about it.

The obvious thing to do was to find a good resource that would help me and teach me how to grow as a writer.

My mum searched here and there but everywhere seemed to cost hundreds to thousands of pounds... MONTHLY! Quite obviously that was very much out of  our price range (My question is who is able to spare that much money in a year on a writing course? Anyway, if they can then they are extremely blessed!)

We were running out of options until my mum contacted my favourite author, Caitlin Hedgcock. She mentioned that she was joining something called the Young Writers Workshop and suggested I joined, too.

We checked it out and, after watching their introductory video, decided to sign up. Brett even gave us a reduction and what was the original price you may ask?

Only thirty dollars a month.

That is quite a big difference from the hundreds to thousands of dollars courses!

Now, just for those of you who are from England and are wondering how much 30 dollars is in pounds, I'm here to help. The answer is only £21.65.  The price has since gone up to 35 dollars (£25.19) but if you can't afford it then Brett is flexible but I would recommend paying the full price if you're able.

At first, I was a little doubtful. My mum is paying for this. What if it's not as good as it sounds? What if she pays the money for nothing?

These concerns were all in vain because it is better than it sounds and is DEFINITELY worth it!

Since joining I completed a short story, started writing a novelette (which currently stands at 9,473 words, just in case you're wondering), started a blog, learnt an abundance about writing, taken part in word sprints, role play, plenty of Story Days (which is where we all change our profiles to our characters and role play as them to work on their personalities. Besides that it's super fun!), been in small groups and made friends. I was supported when I was at a sad point from a writing point of view. If I have a prayer request, question, or idea then I know I'll get answers and support. I've been so blessed by the YWW and it's amazing. Everybody is so supportive and kind and crazy and awesome and I love it!

Y-dubs has been a blessing and has taught me so much over this past year. It has a super awesome collection of lessons and besides that is the AMAZING community that I am quite honestly on more than Instagram!

Why am I telling you all this?

On January 26th to February 1 the Young Writers Workshop is opening for enrollment!

This is super exciting because we get to welcome even more young writers, who may only have dreams of becoming a writer like I was, that will get to have the awesome privilege of being able to learn and grow as a writer. We get to make new friends and get to welcome even more young writers to our crazy community (we really are crazy in an amazingly good way)

I want all young writers to have a chance. I want them to know about this awesome website and community where their dreams can be reignited and they can have permission to dream again. Y-dubs is a wonderful place with wonderful people and I want to share that with the world of young writers.

If you are a young writer reading this right now then I would highly recommend the YWW 100,000 times over!!! This is a place for writers of all different genres, whether they've already been published or they're only just starting on their writing journey. If you're young and you're a writer then this is the place for you.

The YWW has changed my life. it can change yours too. It made my dream of becoming a writer come true.

Maybe you're not a writer or you're not young. Well, you may know someone who could be interested in this. If so please share the YWW with them! You could be the one who assists in changing someone's life for the better!

If you want to enrol in the YWW (which I highly recommend) the go to this link.

In a nutshell, The YWW is an AMAZING place that I really recommend you enrol in if you're a young writer.

I am SO thankful for Y-dubs and it would be awesome to see you there in February! Let me know if you're joining. If so, I'll see you on the community! (hopefully. Make an introduction post and I'll most likely see it!)




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