BTP Photo Challenge- Day Three!!!

Y'all, it's day three! If you're having fun let me know!!!

Today's photo is of your favourite notebook and pen!

We all have that one notebook and pen we love, right? Well, today your followers get to have a look at it!

Post a photo of your all-time favouretest (Ok, not a word, I know. Don't judge) notebook and pen! Maybe it's one you got recently, maybe it's one that's full of scribbles that are jibberish to others but, to you, it makes perfect sense!

Oh and there's that pen we all love? Y'know, the one that's so pretty you don't want to use it, or that one we've been using for forever and you're starting to wonder if it has a limitless ink supply.

If this doesn't work for you then just let me know in the comments and I can try to help you figure out a new and interesting way to do today's prompt!

Go follow my blog's Instagram account to find my photo for today!

Don't forget to use the hashtag, #BTPPhotoChallenge 

I'll see you tomorrow with the next prompt!

If you have so idea what's going on then go to the first post explaining the challenge and feel free to jump in! Who cares if you've missed a day or two? Have fun with what's left!

I'll see you tomorrow with a new prompt!


P.S If you still haven't saved and printed this calendar then here ya go!