BTP Photo Challenge- Day Two!!!

Whoohoo! Day two!!! You having fun?

Today's photo is of your writing essentials.

Is there a particular notebook, pen, playlist, snack, etc? Show us in today's photo! We'll focus on a few of these specific things later on but today show is the bare necessities

*starts singing "Look For the Bare Necessities"*

*cough* Sorry.

If none of these things would work for you then just let me know in the comments and I can try to help you figure out a new and interesting way to share your writing essentials.

Go follow my blog's Instagram account to find my photo for today!

Don't forget to use the hashtag, #BTPPhotoChallenge 

I'll see you tomorrow with the next prompt!

If you have so idea what's going on then go to the first post explaining the challenge!

I look forward to tomorrow!


P.S If you haven't saved and printed the calendar then now's your chance! Here ya go!